• ep.12 – Crushin’ on Blake Wilding

    Today, we have a massive crush on one of our best friends- Blake Wilding! He is a one-of-kind voice and an untethered comedic powerhouse. Catch him performing all over the Los Angeles area. Also, Dana crushes a falconer, and Jeremy crushes on the city of Highland Park, CA. Dana Bell: @danacbell Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Blake Wilding: @blakewilding

  • ep.11 – Crushin’ on Moni Oyedepo

    Today, we are crushin’ very hard on one of the most fearless performers to ever hit the UCB stage. Moni Oyedepo is dripping with cool/collected confidence and she cannot be stopped. Also, Dana talks Chipotle love and Jeremy talks Chadwick Boseman. Dana Bell: @danacbell Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Moni Oyedepo: @momonilessprobs

  • ep.10 – Crushin’ on Each Other

    Dana Bell and Jeremy Schmidt crush on everyone, but every now and then they crush on each other. That’s right! This week there is no guest. We talk to only one another for a full hour, and it just might be the juiciest pod yet. Like us. Subscribe us. We love you. Dana Bell: @danacbell Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime

  • ep.9 – Crushin’ on Liz Reichelt

    This week we have a nice little crushy-wushy on one of LA’s coolest creative MOGULES. Liz Reichelt is not only an amazing performer, but she is writer/producer/director and all around stand up person. Jeremy talks Soylent, and Dana talks Peace Corps. Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Dana Bell: @danacbell Liz Reichelt: @lizreichelt

  • ep.8 – Crushin’ on Michael McCollor

    Michael McCollor is a stand up guy with charm to spare! He is an online content generating machine, writer, and comedian. Dana and Jeremy crush hard on their beautiful guest this week. Also, this was one of the first episodes we ever recorded! That means it’s in the past, so, get ready for some Fyre Fest references! Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Dana Bell: @danacbell Michael McCollor: @MichaelMcCollor

  • ep.7 – Crushin’ on Lauren Holt

    Today, we have a monster crush on Lauren Holt. She is one of the funniest performers on planet Earth, and can be seen at UCB performing with her Maude team The Audacity. Lauren is a crush-fanatic just like us, and boy are we lucky to have her. Also, Jeremy talks about his bad hugs, and Dana’s French accent is perfect. Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Dana Bell: @danacbell Lauren Holt: @holtlauren

  • ep.6 – Crushin’ on Lisa Timmons

    Oh, boy! We have a huge crush on our guest this week. Lisa Timmons is a writer, director, producer, and recently elected Los Feliz Neighborhood Council District C Representative. She is an absolute treat and we were very lucky to get her on the show. We also learn about Dana’s cool work-workshop and Jeremy’s anti-vaxer crush-bust! Jeremy Schmidt: @Ocarinaofcrime Dana Bell: @danacbell Lisa Timmons: @timmonslisa

  • ep.5 – Crushin’ on Rachel Van Nes

    Oh, boy it’s about to get real silly at the crush-factory because we got one of the funniest people in the universe on the show today. Rachel Van Nes is a Los Angeles based (Portland transplant) writer/performer who can be seen on both UCB’s Harold Night (Bitchin’) and Maude Night (Hail Mary). We discuss Dana getting a new bike, and Jeremy’s phone goes off! WHOA! Rachel Van Nes: @vannesexpress

  • ep.4 – Crushin’ on Chad Westbrook

    Daring. Daunting. Dare we say…vulnerable? We have Chad Westbrook on the show today, and he was an absolute treat. He is a performer on UCB’s Maude Night and is known around town for his amazing character performances. Dana and Jeremy crush hard on our guest and hard on some past crushes. Dana’s high school political crush melts our hearts, while Jeremy’s restaurant crush melts our PATIENCE!!! Dana Bell: @danacbell Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Chad Westbrook: @ChadWestbrook

  • ep.3 – Crushin’ on Kiki Milner

    Today, we have a serious CRUSH on our good friend Kiki Milner. She is a super talented, hard working comedian who knows how to clown. This is a high energy episode…so BE READY. We talk Edward Scissorhands, working from home, and what it means to “Stan something.” QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Just because you can’t make a movie from a book doesn’t mean it’s good.” – Dana Bell Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime Dana Bell: @danacbell Kiki Milner: @kikimilner42069